Choose one of HOYA’s world renowned anti-reflection lens coatings!

Apart from eliminating reflections that can cause irritation and eye fatigue, an anti-reflection coating can also offer many other benefits, including:

Scratch resistance

Scratches are easily made, no matter how careful you are with your glasses. An anti-reflection coating contains a hard, scratch resistant layer so you will no longer need to worry about scratches.

Water repellence

Anti-reflection coatings include a water repellent top layer ensuring that water drops have minimal grip on the surface of the lens, allowing them to roll straight off.

Dirt repellence

Thanks to the easy-to-clean properties associated with antireflection coatings, grease and dirt are easily wiped off the surface of the lens.

Anti-static properties

Top anti-reflection coatings also provide an anti-static layer, which prevents dust from adhering to the lens surface, ensuring clear vision at all times. As an added bonus, less dusts means less cleaning!

 Why choose a Hi-Vision LongLife anti reflection coating on your lenses?

Hi-Vision LongLife is the hardest Anti-Reflection coating available on the market today. What’s more, HOYA supports the superb overall quality of Hi-Vision LongLife, with a three-year warranty on all manufacturing defects. Ideal for anyone who are quality conscious, who are looking for a durable, hard wearing, low maintenance product.

Patient Benefits
• Relaxed vision thanks to excellent Anti-Reflection layer
• Minimal risk of scratching
• Easy to clean due to water, grease, dirt and dust repellent layer
• Extremely durable: 3 year warranty on all manufacturing defects

Hoya has a global reputation for the application of high quality coatings, even on the most difficult lens materials. All of Hoya’s coatings must meet the same stringent quality inspections that our lenses do, to ensure a stable, reliable coating, no matter which material it is being applied to.

Raymond McClure

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